52 Recipes: #2 Feta Omelet

This recipe was much more successful than my first one. I made this omelet using this recipe from Allrecipes.com, but I added 1/2tsp dried basil to the egg mixture and 1/2tsp minced garlic to the feta mixture. Matt and I ate it for dinner tonight along with toast and yogurt; if I made this recipe for dinner again, I would probably up the proportions somewhat. A four egg omelet is not really enough for two people to share as a main course. Overall, though, I’m a fan of this recipe!


Dusting off and starting again

2013-01-01 17.57.47

When I reread the last post I wrote on this blog, I feel like it’s from another lifetime. Those first few months with a baby were so hard. I read that post and remember a new mom trying desperately to find equilibrium. Life is so different now. It’s not that I have parenting figured out- in fact, Matt and I have at least one conversation a week about what we need to do differently/ better in how we parent Mary- it’s that I’m more confident in my role. I know my kid now, and I know she loves me. Everything else we learn as we go.

2013-01-02 09.27.33

I’m hoping in this new year I will have more time to write my thoughts here. I’m not making any grand promises or resolutions. I have one more semester of graduate school, but it’s heavy on internship and light on class, so my homework load should be easier. We’ll see how it goes.

Speaking of new years resolutions, I made just one: to cook 52 new recipes this year. It’s simple, it’s attainable, and it will give me joy to feed my family new and different things. Theoretically.

Last night was Night One in the recipe challenge, and let’s just say we all hope that future recipes go more smoothly. Matt came home from work late after a rough day, and I had promised him a homemade meal. He found an apartment cloudy with smoke and this waiting on the stove:

2013-01-02 20.23.47

It’s supposed to be Honey Mustard Pork Chops from this recipe. Needless to say, I don’t recommend the recipe. Matt swears it wasn’t so bad despite the charring…

I had made sweet potatoes to go with the meal, a crowd pleaser in our house. As we crunched our burnt chops, I commented to Matt, “At least I can’t mess up sweet potatoes.” Then he cut into his potato, bought at the store just the day before, and found this:

2013-01-02 21.23.58

Seriously? Seriously. Sigh. One recipe down, 51 to go…