The seventh anniversary of 7 Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes is the linkup that begat all Catholic blogging linkups. When I first started reading blogs, I read Notre Dame football blogs, the blogs of friends, and blogs that participated in 7QT. 7QT has seen me through the second half of college, my Americorps year in Atlanta, newlyweddedness in Michigan, grad school, Mary’s birth, our 8 months in Louisville, and now Daniel’s birth and our new house. Come baby poop or high water, I always know that Fridays will bring new content from some of my favorite bloggers.

I haven’t participated too often myself (story of my blog, that sentence). The first time I wrote a 7QT post, I was pregnant with Mary and stressed about grad school. Mom-of-2 Laura wants to pat grad-school Laura on the head. You think you’re stressed? You get to start AND finish a task without having to wipe anyone’s bum. You sometimes sleep in so late you never even see the morning. You have grownup, educated conversations with OTHER grownups DAILY. Child, you do not know stressed. But stress is relative, as I repeat to myself like a mantra when my 3 year old is having an emotional reaction out of proportion to the situation at hand. I’m sure that someday future Laura will think Mom-of-2 Laura is silly too. It’s the way of things.

Regardless, I love 7QT, and I’m excited to participate today with 7 of my favorite Maryisms of late. She’s a comic genius, that one, except she isn’t trying to be funny 😉


Mary upon seeing a large bee: “Oh, look! A bat!”


Me: “Jesus is in your heart.”

Mary: “Little Jesus is so full of love in my heart! Little baby Jesus is in my tummy right here! My little baby named Jesus popped out of my tummy! She’s a little girl named Jesus!”

That escalated quickly.


“Uh, hold on, I just need to rest my toe for a minute.”


“When I grow up into a woman, I’m going to drink coffee and a beer.” #lifegoals


Waking up in her first day of preschool: “Today I’m going to high school!”


“What animal gets pork out of its body? Maybe…. an ox!”


Mary speaks French: “Bone apple Pete!”

Me: “Mary, what does that mean?”

Mary: “Spanish!”

Now go visit Kelly to find the rest of the quick-take-rs. She’s got a sweet megagiveaway going on this month too. Dontcha love October?

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