#5faves: murder mysteries, salad and monthly shipments of drum heads

Every Wednesday my gorgeous and kind friend Jenna hosts Five Favorites at her blog. I glean recipes, craft ideas, and product finds from this linkup every week, so it’s about time I gave back! And whooo’s excited for the easy recipe linkup next week at Dwija’s? If I can get my act together I’ll join in, but I’m looking forward to adding lots of new recipes to our rotation regardless. You could totally share five favorite easy recipes, as Dwija brilliantly suggests, and cover both linkups with one stone. Kill all your bases?


I made this salmon, avocado, strawberry and spinach salad tonight and I loved it. Matt also proclaimed it tasty, Daniel wolfed down his mushed avocado and strawberry bits and Mary actually ate several mouthfuls of the meal (primarily strawberries). In our house, that’s a hit. It has so many of my favorite summery foods, how could it go wrong? I bet it would be even better with grilled salmon though. Guess we’ll have to make it again sometime…


Baby led weaning is when you give your baby bits of real-people food, right? Because that’s totally the approach we’re taking this time around (with the permission of Daniel’s pediatrician). With Mary I carefully prepared gourmet baby purees, freezing batches in darling little cubes and gently building acceptance of one food before moving on to another. Sorry second child- ain’t no one got time for that. Daniel, for his part, has rejected purees anyway and is mostly interested in what’s on his sister’s plate, so feeding him bits of our food is win-win. It’s so nice when the lazier easier approach is also what your baby wants and your pediatrician allows.


Amazon subscribe and save. You guys have heard of this wondrous invention, yes? You add items that you regularly purchase to your subscription list, you get them cheaper than you would find them at a store, and they arrive cheerfully at your front door on a regular schedule. We love it for diapers, wipes, and some special food items our family can’t get enough of (KIND bars and cheddar bunnies 4evah).  If you have 5 subscriptions in your monthly box, you get an extra discount, so the other night I was looking through the most popular subscribe and save items to see what we might need. I thought about doing a whole #5faves just of the items I found, but I have too many things I want to share with you, so here’s an abbreviated list… don’t you wish you could get a delivery of these items every month??


Murder mysteries. There’s something about murder mysteries in the summer. Such a guilty pleasure, I’m the first to admit. I most recently devoured Gone Girl (fascinating story, frustrating ending) and The Girl on the Train (not as gripping for me, but the end was SO worth it). Read anything good lately?


I read “On Being Hidey” by Beth Woolsey today and it immediately struck me as truth.

“When I get hidey, I usually want to stay hidey. It’s like an ever-increasing cycle of hidey-ness. I hide; therefore, I want to keep hiding.”

I’ve been feeling rather hidey myself lately- not depressed, necessarily (I don’t think, I’m keeping an eye on it and Matt is too) but just kind of withdrawn. Missing people (especially my people who moved recently) but not ready to be with people much. It’s not a great cycle to be in, and at least for me, getting out of it requires a conscious decision. And action. So one of the Things I’m Doing is going to the Blessed is She brunch in my area next month. There are a bunch of them happening all over the country, including one hosted by my sweet friend Tara in Wisconsin. Check out the list– maybe there’s one happening close to you? We could all use a wider and stronger community in our lives. I can’t wait to see how the fantastic online community of Blessed Is She translates into real life friendships. The Holy Spirit is a-movin here. And if I’ve canceled plans with you recently, or you just haven’t heard from me much- sorry, again. I’m feeling hidey. I’m working on it.

Enough from me. What’s your favorite this week?

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  1. Gina

     /  July 23, 2015

    Hi Laura! I see from your little goodreads dealie that you appear to be reading something by Liane Moriarty. Haven’t read that one- but would HIGHLY recommend Big Little Lies and The Husband’s Secret. I’m not sure if they would exactly go under murder mystery… but definitely mysterious and thrilling and page-turners. I think I probably liked Big Little Lies slightly more because the events seemed a little more believable to me, but I also just finished the Husband’s Secret in about 4 (busy) days, too. Both good! And both have several characters who are mothers of young children, too! Would DEFINITELY recommend. Also, if you haven’t read Robert Galbraith (Jo Rowling’s pseudonym), oh my gosh. The BEST BEST BEST. Cuckoo’s Calling and its sequel, The Silkworm. Like all hers, though, it doesn’t matter if you’ve read the first to read the second- she fills you in quite elegantly.

    • LOVE Liane Moriarty so much! Her stuff is brilliant. Thanks for the reminder about cuckoo’s calling! I checked it out as an eBook a while back, but the loan expired before I could get very far. Putting it on my library holds list now! Thanks Gina!


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