SQT: The winter that won’t end, toddler masterpieces, sleep training and a feast

— 1 —

Back in the day when I used to blog semi-regularly (i.e., before children, typically when I was avoiding writing a paper) I loved participating in Seven Quick Takes. Unrelated ramblings from all my favorite bloggers every Friday? Please and thank you. I love having a home for my hodgepodge of mom-brain thoughts.

— 2 —

We’ve had a banner week in these parts. After Daniel’s hospital visit last week, Mary took her turn with the mystery fever, except she accessorized with a cough and sore throat. The end of winter is just ridiculous, you guys. Go home, winter, you’re drunk. It seems like everyone I know is sick or has a sick child. Plus it’s SNOWING right now. The injustice of it all.

— 3 —

It was bound to happen eventually. I discovered this masterpiece during naptime yesterday. I guess this is what happens when Mom is busy changing baby brother’s diapers upstairs.


Anyone have any tips for getting magic marker off a matte painted wall?


The real scary part. We’ve had twenty discussions about not touching outlets if we’ve had one, and up to this point Mary’s never shown a smidgen of interest in them. We’ll be replacing THOSE with tamper-proof outlets, stat. The mom guilt on this one… it’s intense. What if she’d gotten hurt?

— 4 —

As long as we’re talking mom guilt, let’s talk sleep training. At Daniel’s 2 month check up, I mentioned how he’ll only sleep in the car seat, and the pediatrician (who isn’t our usual doctor) told me to put him in his room, in his crib, and let him cry until he falls asleep. By night three, the doctor promised me, he’ll sleep without a struggle. “He’s twelve pounds now, he can sleep twelve hours at once.” I immediately rebelled against the idea and might have been a little harsh with the doctor. Sleep training at 2 months? Are you out of your mind? This is my BABY we’re talking about. Apparently he’s not the only doctor recommending early sleep training, though. After a couple weeks of rough nights, I’m not entirely against the idea anymore. I honestly don’t know. Could it work? Could I handle the hours of crying for two-three nights? Could Mary, with her bedroom across the hall? Would we all be happier in the end? No idea.

— 5 —


Retreating to safer waters, now… Obviously I’m no food blogger, but let it be known that in a fit of Sunday tunnel-vision productivity I finally produced a St. Patrick’s feast for my family. (Matt had a GI bug on the actual day of St. Pat’s so we skipped the hearty meal that night.) I made Catholic Cuisine’s Irish Beef and Guinness Stew (above) and this Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake (not pictured because I was too busy shoveling it into my mouth). Sometimes it feels good to go all out, you know? Even if your feverish toddler takes a look at the stew and decides to go to bed without dinner instead.

— 6 —

Dear Mellow Mushroom: Open a location in Michigan as soon as possible, please. Matt has been jonesing for some Shroom in a big way. Every weekend he mentions casually, “We could drive to Cleveland and get some Shroom…” You guys, Cleveland is three hours away. I enjoy a good pizza as much as the next person, but not enough to drive six hours with a toddler and an infant. Nope. Not gonna happen. So clearly the only answer to my struggle is for some enterprising soul to open a location here. Our family will keep you in business all on our own, I promise.

Throwback to last year in Louisville, when we had multiple Mellow Mushrooms to choose from.

Throwback to last year in Louisville, when we had multiple Mellow Mushrooms to choose from.

— 7 —

Have a good weekend, y’all. I’m kicking things off a little early with an epic afternoon coffee pour:

IMG_20150327_165620167May your coffee be hot, your children nap well, and your skies produce sunshine instead of snow flurries. Amen.

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  1. 2 months seems so early for sleep training! We don’t really sleep train anyway, but I’d be really hesitant to do anything before the 4-month sleep regression, just because I always find it SERIOUSLY brutal to go from halfway decent sleep to absolute hell… Makes it easier if they weren’t sleeping well to begin with 😛


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