The brilliant Glennon Melton writes often about remembering to wear her perspectacles. In other words, reframe the situation and look for the positive angle. Knowing today was going to be tough, I made a concerted effort to follow her advice. Here’s what I’ve got:

  1. Baby sleep is the worst. Daniel is a good sleeper by the standards of his age, but holy cow I miss uninterrupted sleep. Reframe: We have a new BABY, you guys!Daniel
  2. Both kids woke up with poop-related difficulties. Scrubbing poop off of bums before I’ve had my coffee ranks pretty high on my list of ways to get a day off on the wrong foot. Reframe: my children have healthy little bodies that make healthy amounts of poop.
  3. Thanks to the time change, Mary is sleeping in even later than usual these days. I had to choose between waking her for playgroup or letting her sleep. I let her sleep, but I’m bummed because I missed a chance to see my friends, including Jenna and her new little squishy baby. Reframe: My kid got the rest she needs because we don’t have to keep to a rigorous school or work schedule yet. That’s pretty awesome. Also, I can connect with friends online if I’m more intentional about commenting and interacting instead of just consuming social media. I’ve been trying to use my phone less this Lent, but going along with what Kendra wrote about adjusting Lenten disciplines as necessary, I’m allowing myself to connect when I need to for my own sanity.
  4. Mary is exceptionally grumpy today because her grandparents’ visit ended yesterday. It’s tough to adjust to less attention and fewer playmates. Reframe: we’re so blessed that Matt’s parents can visit so often. It’s hard when they leave, but my parents hardly ever get to visit and that’s hard in a whole different kind of way.
  5. I had to reheat my coffee three times today before I finally got a chance to drink it, while bouncing a baby and listening to Curious George. Reframe: Thank God for coffee.
  6. When asked why she was screaming, Mary replied, “Because everything hurts in my life!” She’s in SUCH a dramatic stage right now. Reframe: Dramatic toddlers are actually hilarious once the heat of the moment has passed.dramatic
  7. I can’t write a sentence in this blog post without mentally scratching it out and criticizing it as trite or lame or uninteresting. Reframe: practice makes perfect, and maybe it’s time to start practicing my writing skills again. 🙂
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  1. Judy Ramker

     /  March 11, 2015

    Love your blog. Reminds me of the time when I had Heather and Shannon at that age.
    Enjoy, enjoy even though all the poopy diapers can get to you. Yuck. This too shall pass 🙂
    hugs to you and the little ones. Judy

  2. Linda

     /  March 16, 2015

    Exactly- Path to peace! I had this saying on my desk for ages- “Life is 5% how you take it and 95% how you take it!” I like “Perspectables!”


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