Five Fallish Favorites

Five Favorites is now being hosted by my sweet friend Jenna at Call Her Happy, and even though I never blog anymore and there are maybe a trillion more important things I could share that have happened since my last update (low estimate), I just couldn’t resist joining in!



october 15 five favorites

1) Nivea A Kiss of Moisture Lip Balm: Fall for me means chapped lips. It’s a problem. This is hands-down my favorite lip balm as the weather turns cooler. I love how it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave my lips feeling all balm-y for long. I’ve also used it on a ridiculous patch of dry skin on my chin (oh pregnancy and your odd side effects!) and it’s been very effective. You might get weird side-eyes from people for putting lip balm on your chin while idling at a stoplight. Full disclosure.

2) Homemade fall-themed play dough recipe from Wildflower Ramblings: This is first homemade play dough recipe I’ve ever tried, but I see no reason to ever try another. It’s the best! Soft and long-lasting and cleans up well. Might use all the salt in your house, so watch out for that one ;-). I’ve been watching some kiddos on Monday afternoons so their moms can teach catechism classes at our church and we have to hang out in the school library. Grade school books = not appropriate toddler toys. I’ve brought this play dough along the last couple weeks, along with a few cafeteria-style trays to contain the mess, and the kids have been happy little campers.

3) Trader Joe’s mixes OMG (image source): I’ve been doing lots of playgroup type things this fall because Mary is an extremely social creature and we are being intentional about forming friendships in our home-for-the-rest-of-our-lives state. I try to bring along a little snack for the kids and moms when I can, but I’m lazy. Solution: trader joe’s mixes. SO tasty, SO easy. Our favorites lately are the multiberry scone mix, the cinnamon coffee cake mix, and the pumpkin bread mix. Yum. Bonus: It looks like I actually tried 😉

4) Can we all just take a moment and acknowledge how awesome public libraries are (image source)?? I have been on an absolute reading RAMPAGE lately because all my holds at the library came up at once and because soon a little bundle of joy and tyranny will keep me from doing much reading. As I was returning a book yesterday, I sighed a deep happy sigh and thanked my lucky stars that I have access to so many books for FREE. Well, we pay taxes, but you know. At least they’re using the money for awesome things like libraries. The library is one of Mary’s favorite places too and we happily escape there for hours at a time. P.S. Beth over at Five Kids Is a Lot of Kids is reflecting about books this month at her blog and inviting you to participate in the A Girl With A Book campaign. Click on over! Everyone should have the kind of access to books that we so often take for granted.

5 and a bonus) Uncharacteristically for him, at the beginning of fall Matt mentioned that it might be nice to have some fall decor around the apartment. He had to explain to me what “decor” meant, but after he filled me in on the particulars, I was totally on board! We now have harvest-themed place mats, dish cloths, and window decals. Even more adorably, we have these two sweet etsy finds on display: Thanksgiving Leaves Garland by HeyLittleSister and Knitted Pumpkins by Hawthorne Hill. They are both really well made and I hope they adorn our house for many fall seasons to come. The garland hangs above our dining table and proclaims look! We decorated for fall! The pumpkins are new favorite toys of Mary’s and they hold up to her abuse well. When they’re not being pulled around in a toy shopping cart or thrown in a game of catch, they live on the entertainment center. Yay fall!

That’s all from me for now. I’m going to go rescue Mary from her cage crib where she is grumpily not-napping. Happy favoriting, favoriteers!

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  1. Those mixes? I need to get my hands on some. That one you brought the other day? Insane! That was a TJs mix, right? And, my BIL uses their dip mixes. Also amazing.

    • Yeah, that coffee cake was totally tjs! It’s a blessing and a curse that tjs is right next door to St Francis.

  2. Hi Laura!
    You won the year of Netflix!!
    Can you email me your address so I can get it in the mail for you?


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