Lent thoughts from wiser people than me

Lent and I… don’t really get along. I always wind up either…

A) suffering loudly and grumpily
B) being super proud of how I’ve given up things successfully
C) caving two weeks in and throwing in the towel
or D) all of the above.

Basically, Lent always ends up being more about ME than about God. Womp womp. Fortunately, Lent comes again each year, and God will always give me another shot. Someday maybe I will wake up and discover all this struggling has made me a holier person. Stranger things have happened.

Meanwhile, go check out these excellent posts on Lent and suffering:

  • “The White Post. Or Couch” by Mary of Better than Eden
  • “There are constant voices in the world, in the land of blogs, in our own heads, telling us to choose what is more comfortable, what is easier, what is more practical.  Don’t overdo it, they say… If I could encourage you about anything this Lent it would be to take on something real.  Don’t fall for the practical.  Go for the beautiful.”

  • “Not So Great Expectations” by Dwija at House Unseen
  • “It’s not abnormal for there to be frustrations.  No.  That’s how this life IS.  And my job, well, my job is to allow God use those bricks of suffering to pave me a clear path to Him.”

  • “Saying no (to yourself)” by Tsh at The Art of Simple
  • “Think about your default indulgences, the rituals in your life you save for your escape hatch…is there something there you might need to set aside for a short period of time in order to strengthen your soul? Could you benefit from a brief hiatus from that (fill in the blank) in your life?”

And if you start to feel like this is all just too much- join me in reading this post over and over again, because it’s just so full of wisdom: “The secret to not being overwhelmed” by Jen at Conversion Diary.

Talk to me. Do you ROCK at Lent? Do you dread it a bit like me? What helps?

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