HDYDI: Keep a toddler quiet in the front pew at Mass (717 Day 7!!!!)

Phew! Day 7! We made it. For my final day of blogging homage, I’m going to highlight Team Whitaker. Katheryn is a lovely, outgoing, and sweet mama of six great kiddos. Reading her blog is like stepping into a warm puddle of Texas sunshine- she’s so hospitable, you feel right at home. I especially love her  How Do You Do It (HDYDI) posts. She answers reader questions about everything from how her family celebrates Advent to how she gets all those kids out the door on time every morning to how she organizes her home. I have learned so much from those posts! She’s just a well of practical no-nonsense advice. In honor of Kathryn, I will try my hand at my own HDYDI post!

Hrm, wait a minute. I am but a neophyte at this marriage and parenting game. Hardly in a position to offer advice when I’m still learning every day. But surely there’s something…

Ah. I know. Sometimes parents approach me after Mass, a little bit of awe in their eyes, and ask me how I kept my toddler mostly quiet in a front pew through Mass. They seem amazed that I never had to sprint down the aisle with a screaming tot in tow.

My secret?

Step one: Birth a child who has a bottomless pit for a stomach. Step two: Attend an evening Mass close to her normal supper time. Step three: Let her shovel food into her mouth through the whole Mass.

Problem solved!

Problem solved!

Hahaha, you thought I had a tiny Saint on my hands who loves to pay attention to Mass? Hahahahaha. Still laughing.

I mean, she likes some parts. She really likes it when the cross processes down the aisle. She likes mimicking the priest washing his hands before consecration. And she LOVES the sign of peace. She also has a Mass bag with holy cards on key rings, Catholic soft books and a couple board books. But if you asked her, I’m sure she would say in toddler-ese that she’s only there for the food.

Yep, this will create all sorts of problems down the line when she gets older and we have to start cutting back the snacks at Mass. For now, though, it’s working for us. And that’s good enough for me.

Thanks for hanging with me through all the posts this week, you guys! I have a few ideas jotted down for future posts. Who knows, maybe this blogging thing will become a habit again.

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