Seven Quick Takes vol. 7 (717 Day 5)

— 1 —

Day Five of Seven Posts in Seven Days! I’ve got to say, I’m really enjoying this project. It feels good to write and it feels great when other people like reading what I write. The only reason I’ve been able to write so much, though, is that Matt has been working or asleep every night this week. No offense, I like you guys and all, but if he were available I would be hanging out with him :-P. If- WHEN- his work life ever returns to some semblance of normal, I’ll try to blog sometimes during naptime like all the cool mommybloggers. So thanks, Jen, for serendipitously timing this project to coincide with one of Matt’s busy weeks. It’s been a good outlet. And thanks, ALSO, for continuing to host Seven Quick Takes Friday, in which we bloggers can throw seven disconnected thoughts into a post and call it good. I love it something fierce. Sometimes I think I return to blogging again and again just so I can participate in seven quick takes.

Stamped and notarized- SQT is the best linkup ever. (Gosh I'm so cheesey. Someone stop me.)

Stamped and notarized- SQT is the best linkup ever. (Gosh I’m so cheesey. Someone stop me.)

 — 2 —

If Mary is fussing, and you ask her what she wants, her answer will be one of the following:  Babies, cheese, slides (“shlides”), grapes, or Elmo. I think she has her priorities in order. (If pressed, she’ll tell you what she actually wants, which is helpful when she wants something completely different, like for me to read her a book.)

— 3 —

I had an epiphany this weekend while standing at a makeup counter at the mall, trying to keep the small one occupied in her stroller with board books. The epiphany was this: I don’t like wearing makeup. This is excellent news! Lately I have felt like maybe I should start acting my age and do something about concealing the bags under my eyes or the pimples on my nose. So I’ve spent precious internet time researching makeup options and application techniques. Then I trot off to the mall (a common occurrence given that Mary is a huge fan of their indoor playground) and try out the samples of my preselected brands. Instantly, my eyes feel dry and tired, Mary grabs my face with both hands and smears off half the foundation I just applied, and I start feeling hyperconcerned about how the remaining makeup looks on my face. Worse, when Matt sees me later, he says, “Are you wearing eye stuff? Oh. I like you better without all that.” It took several rounds of this ridiculous cycle, but at last I have finally come to peace with the fact that what you see is what you get. Makeup and I were not made to get along. Ahhh.

— 4 —

This morning when I was putting on my socks Mary pointed to each of my feet and said, “One, two!” I got super excited and told her how proud I was of her for counting. After much hullabaloo and high fives, Mary asked if I wanted her to do it again. Sure, sweetie! She pointed again and proudly chirped, “A! B! C!”

Mayyybe we’ll keep the counting champagne on ice for a little longer.

— 5 —

I’m pretty sure this is news to absolutely no one but me, but in case you also live under a large and hefty rock, Lorde’s album Pure Heroine is spectacular. I’m glad no one was around to watch me the other night when I was busting a move while cooking dinner. And trying to sing the high-pitched parts.

Casa de Laura.

Casa de Laura.


— 6 —

One of Mary’s Valentine’s Day gifts from us was No Matter What by Debi Gliori.

Highly recommended :-)

Highly recommended 🙂

Small asks Large, “If I was a grumpy grizzly bear, would you still love me, would you still care?” Large reassures Small over and over and he can’t do anything that will break their bond. When I first picked it up at a bookstore, I loved the book for its darling illustrations and sweet message of unconditional love. In the last couple weeks, it’s become a favorite at our house, especially as a bedtime story. Now I love this book because it reminds me to take a breath at the end of a long day and squeeze my kiddo tight, even if she has been grim and grumpy. I always want her to know that I love her.

— 7 —

Well, we can’t end on THAT sweet and sappy note. Here’s one more Mary story, and hopefully no grandparents or godparents reading this will feel scandalized at my parenting techniques.

Mary: (drops book) Ups!
Mommy: Oops!
Mary: Uh-oh!
Mommy: Uh-oh!
Mary: Dan it!
Mommy: (freezes, asks carefully) What did you say?
Mary: (confused) Dan it?
Mommy: DARN it. You said darn it.
Mary: (happily) Dan it!

I guess I know what Matt and I are giving up for Lent! I’m amazed we’ve lasted this long dodging the swear word bullet. Ups 🙂

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  1. #7 MADE MY NIGHT. No scandalized godparent here. Enunciation is always key. :p

    And as for #3… I LOVE makeup, but I’ve worn it maybe three times all year, including the stuff that was still on my face when the clock chimed 12 and everybody cheered. Some days it is just not worth it, and the only thing I remember about you and makeup is how stressed you were to wear it at your wedding. I think you’ve made the right choice, lovely.

    PS- I am so happy you’re blogging so much. I really enjoy hearing from you.

    • Haha, I think maybe I might have been stressing about a few other things before the wedding too :-P.

      I’m glad YOU’RE blogging so much. Hugs.

  2. Scandalized!

    Oh, wait. You know me….

    I love your mommyblogness.

  3. Katie Ortiz

     /  February 28, 2014

    You don’t need makeup anyway! You’re beautiful without it. 🙂

  4. beth

     /  February 28, 2014

    this has been so much fun to read and it brings back many memories i had of raising the kids up in canada by myself with malcolm just take all the time in the world…….thirty years have gone by sooooooooooo quickly…….but the memories are still there and are awakened when i read your blogs keep up the postings they are quite enjoyable………….love and kisses to baby mary……………….

  5. Ha, I’ve totally only gotten posts done this week because my husband’s been gone almost every night for rehearsals – I’m with you, I’d rather spend time with him!

    And #7 is hilarious – I love it when they start repeating stuff they shouldn’t have heard!!!


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