Seven Quick Takes and a Triumphant Hurrah for the Weekend

— 1 —

My poor husband hasn’t gotten home from work until after 11pm for the last three nights and he hasn’t seen Mary since Tuesday. We’re all just a little ready for this week to be over. Here’s hoping that he doesn’t have to go into work over the weekend. Say it with me: This is only a season in our lives. This is only a season in our lives.

We're hanging in there.

We’re hanging in there. Cat GIFs help.

— 2 —

Tonight I dressed Mary up in her costume and took her out to the local triple-A ballpark for a Halloween event. At first I was bummed Matt couldn’t join us, but it’s ok because it turned out to be not so great of an event for Mary. Why do I keep insisting on going to Halloween-themed events when she doesn’t understand trick or treating and she can’t eat candy? She’s perfectly happy to just play around the apartment in her costume. Silly rookie mom mistake. Mary was content tonight as long as I kept her well-supplied with crackers, but we just did a lap of the stadium, took a picture for posterity and high-tailed it home. Isn’t she a darling duckling, though?

My little duckling. She quacks on command, but it sounds like "Kuh! Kuh!"

My little duckling. She quacks on command, but it sounds like “Kuh! Kuh!”

— 3 —

More photos of my child in her costume? I thought you’d never ask! Happy to oblige.

Smiling at the camera for once.

Smiling at the camera for once.

Flapping her wings.

Flapping her wings. Mary loves how the wings extend past her hands for maximum flappability.

I’m sure there will be more costume shots to come as we make our way through Halloween week. I’m all for getting as much wear out of this cute costume as possible! I sewed it using the super easy-to-follow Simplicity 2070 pattern. I didn’t make the fleece headpiece because I thought Mary would strangle herself trying to get it off and it would be too warm outside for a fleece hat anyway. Shows what I know! It’s been nippy in Louisville the past few nights. I still think Mary enjoys the costume more without having to deal with a headpiece, though.

— 4 —

The other day I was going through some old photos and stumbled on a video of Mary trying to stay sitting up.

It was hard for me to believe that was my child! She’s grown so much. I guess I’ve been operating under the assumption that I will remember all the important things about her in every stage, like how she loves cheese and how she moos with gusto, but I suppose memories of past quirks and characteristics fade as the present takes center stage. All this nostalgia makes me feel a little panicky, like I need to blog and capture every moment for posterity. Of course, I could never do that, and it would take away from the joy of the present moment. Katrina wrote an excellent post on this topic this week, so just go read her much-more-articulate thoughts on the matter :-).

— 5 —

I finally got around to trying the Jen Fulwiler meal planning system, but then Matt wasn’t home for dinner this week and I’m awful about cooking for one. I made a couple recipes for Mary and I, like the chicken nuggets Kathryn of Team Whitaker recommended. Mary politely tried a few bites then opted for cheese, crackers and banana. Sigh. In the future, though, I think I will plan my grocery shopping using Jen’s system and the ever-wonderful Evernote. It’s simple and practical- just my style.

— 6 —

I am starting to put together a Mass bag for Mary so that we have special toys/ items that only come out once a week and we don’t have to haul the whole honking diaper bag into Mass each week. I saw Jenna’s idea for prayer cards on a key ring and immediately added a stop at the local Catholic bookstore to our afternoon agenda. Well. Twenty bucks of prayer cards, a few impatient toddler shrieks in public and a half hour of sitting in traffic later, it turns out that our hole punch is probably in our storage unit in Michigan. Blast!

— 7 —

It’s 12:04am and Matt is STILL not home from work so I am going to have an ill-advised glass of wine. Cheers. Sorry for the somewhat whiny nature of this post and the no doubt convoluted verbiage. Have a good weekend, y’all!

For more Quick Takes, visit Cari at Clan Donaldson, stepping in this week for Conversion Diary!

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  1. Oh no! Hole punch fail! Did you ever dig it out? If you do put a ring together, let me know how she likes it 🙂


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