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I’ve been holding off on blogging lately because the downside of our Louisville stint, my husband’s work hours, has been hitting us over the head recently and if you can’t say something nice…. you know. I’ve been tempted to complain about how tired I am of coercing the toddler to eat her food when she puts every! single! thing! in her mouth usually, leaves and carpet fuzz and dead bugs included. I’ve been tempted to whine about how I wish I could go to concerts and Moth story slams and friday evening trolley hops with bourbon. I’m especially tempted to voice my thoughts about how I used to explore cities through their coffee shops and bars, but I am seeing Louisville primarily through its playgrounds and story times. But fortunately for you, I have (mostly) held my tongue! Look at me, being positive! 😛

Enough cheekiness. Here’s five favorite things from our life in Louisville lately- honest to God, cross my heart. Life is good 🙂

1. I love Louisville because it means my folks are only six hours away and three day weekends are possible now. I can’t get over this shot of when my Dad ran through a fountain with Mary at sunset. If you know my dad, then you know he’s not exactly the type to run through fountains on Friday evenings, but he would lasso the moon for this child, and I am so glad they get to see more of each other.


2. My parents got us a zoo membership for my birthday and I’m thinking we will be putting it to use quite often. We went last Saturday and Mary loved the gorillas and the ducklings most of all, but that’s mainly because they were the only moving animals (2pm in August is not prime cavorting weather for most beasts, it seems). Imagine how excited she will be when we go back in cooler weather!


3. Mary and I were out and about the other day and we found a perfect Mary-sized park. The toddler area rests in the shade of a huge tree, there are swings and ride-on toys galore, and there’s a field for running eating leaves in.  On the day we were there, the park even came with a  very helpful (if slightly bossy) 11 year old who tried to teach Mary how to do each thing in the park. Score!


4. A couple weekends ago (jeez, has it been that long?) Mary and I hit up the free Actors’ Theatre block party downtown because if Daddy has to work on a Saturday, Mary and I are at LEAST going to get out of the house and keep ourselves busy so we don’t miss him too much. We played with noisemakers…



Mary got her face painted for the first time, and we went with a fish because she loved this giant carp kite that a guy was parading around the whole area…


And we took silly photos in the photobooth, which I offer for you here shamelessly with the single caveat that I had no warning before the first picture was taken.

block party


5. Mostly, though, I just love hanging out with this kid all day. It can be hard work (HARD work) but I’m living the high life and don’t think for a minute I don’t know it.


little goof

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