Louisville, you’re a quirky town, and it’s really endearing

Louisville, I really like you so far, but you have a few quirks we need to discuss. Maybe you have perfectly logical explanations for these character idiosyncrasies, but I’m having a tough time figuring them out.

  • Your traffic laws are confusing and possibly nonexistent. Can someone explain to me whether it’s legal to drive on the medians? Everyone seems to do it, but my rule-following heart is struggling with making the plunge.
Google Maps

Image from Google Maps

  • Your library system is fantastic. Fantastic! So many locations, easy to navigate, lots of toddler events, even a smartphone app. I have 7 hold requests already. However, navigating the parks system is proving to be a little less straightforward. It’s hard for me to tell from the parks website whether a park will be appropriate for Mary’s age range or not, so we’ve just been going to see them in person. Louisville, if you are looking for some misplaced wood chips, my daughter probably ate them. I’ve heard good things about Cherokee Park– we’ll try there next.
  • I think there’s some law against wine being sold in grocery stores. I’ve seen wine areas at Trader Joe’s and World Market, but they’re completely walled off from the rest of the store and have separate street entrances. Beer, however, seems to be allowed in grocery stores. Color me confused.
  • People in Louisville seem to be friendly to the point of oversharing. The friendliness is a breath of fresh air after living in Michigan- it’s lovely to say hi to someone in the grocery store and get a hi back instead of confusion mixed with concern for my well-being.

    I had to! Look at that face! Image credit: beauty-obsessed.com

    The oversharing thing, though, is tough for an introvert like me. For example, in the first five minutes of meeting our cleaning lady, I knew exactly how much weight she had gained and lost in the last ten years. A simple comment about the weather would have sufficed!

  • I was not prepared to earn my homemaker stripes in a place with so much humidity! I’ve been living out of Georgia too long, I guess. I have conceded defeat in the matter of my frizz-prone hair such that I often resemble a certain literary character of magic school bus driving fame. I refuse to give in, though, to humdity’s attack on my sugar dispenser. I like sugar in my coffee every morning, dagnabbit, but when I go to pour out my sugar, only a little stream dribbles out around the huge chunks of sugar that have formed in my container. Drat and tarnation! Rice won’t work because the spout is about the size of a pencil eraser, so rice would pour out with the sugar. Anyone have a bright solution for me? I’m all ears!
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  1. Even us Louisville natives can’t figure out why we can’t buy wine at the grocery stores. (But we can buy it at Rite Aid, go figure).

    Anyway, welcome to our quirky town!

  2. Just wanted to say welcome to Louisville! πŸ™‚


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