there and back again

My eyes are itching a bit and I think it’s the lingering effects of the onion I browned for dinner, served atop lentils and rice. When things are a little topsy turvy, when I feel a little unstuck and out of place, I make food that ties me down to my past. Tonight it was mujadarrah. The simmering cumin water pulled me back to quiet evenings in my tiny Greek flat. Lentils and rice might be the perfect dish for study abroad students with their empty pockets.

On the other hand, my eyes might still be recovering from driving all night to get back to Michigan. Mary slept most of the way, except for a crying stretch around 2am. I took the first shift of driving so I should have gotten the most sleep in the end, but I’m still battling the  leftover fatigue. The rain was hard and heavy on the windshield as I drove through the north Georgia and Tennessee night. I white knuckled the steering wheel until my nerves couldn’t take it any more.

We arrived safely in Michigan. We will arrive safely wherever we touch down next. We will feel moored again, and new foods will become our remember-when touchstones. I have faith in the cycle of our lives.

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  1. Kristi

     /  July 8, 2013

    This is beautifully written, Laura! All the best to you, Matt, and Mary! Glad for your safe arrival.


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