Wedding Whirlwind (Alternate title: Congratulations Viv and Wade!!)

This past weekend found our little family in Providence, RI to celebrate with a fantastic couple that we love very much. Vivian is one of my dearest friends and we are thrilled to pieces that she and Wade found each other. I kid you not, these kids are PERFECT for each other. It was a lovely weekend of laughter, well wishes, parties, fancy duds, and good times. We are so glad we were able to be there with them.

Now, that being said: Friends, it was a whirlwind. We flew in Thursday night from Michigan and left Sunday evening, and in between we never. stopped. going. Holy cow, traveling with a one year old is exhausting. “Exhausting” doesn’t even cover it. Mary doesn’t really sleep when we travel, so Matt and I spent several naptimes hiding in the bathroom of our hotel room while Mary cried from her white metal cage-crib. Also, I have become one of THOSE moms who can’t party anymore because I live on my daughter’s schedule. I was spent at 11pm every night. Traveling with a small child who can crawl and cruise is just so many orders of magnitude more difficult than traveling alone. Phew. We are one tired family.

Here is the one photo we took all weekend to prove that we all got through the wedding ceremony without major incident:


Matt’s squinting in the sun, this is the only moment Mary wasn’t smiling at strangers all weekend and my smile muscles are clearly worn out. Yay for family photos!

By the way, Matt deserves HUGE kudos for wrangling the baby solo on the big day. Bridesmaid (bridesmatron? ugh) duties kept me busy on Saturday so Matt was responsible for getting himself and the baby all dressed up. He kept her amazingly quiet during the wedding too. What a pro.

In sum: we were so glad to be there, but can we please have a vacation to recover from our vacation? Thanks.

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