Seven Quick Takes vol. 5

— 1 —

I redesigned my blog again. I know, shocker. I love the new look (until I get antsy again). If anyone is curious, I used the free WordPress theme Comet and chose the teal color scheme. I adjusted the background color to #7a756a, then made a header for free at I used Instant Eyedropper to find out the exact shade of teal the menu bar uses so that my header text would match. Done and done.

 — 2 —

I’m feeling really proud of my garage sale shopping luck today. Check out our haul, all for $18:

Mary is pretty much set for clothes this summer! I just searched Craigslist for garage sales with baby clothes, and presto, two reasonably-priced sales nearby for us to peruse. Score.

— 3 —

Slowly, very slowly, Feedly is filling the Google Reader-sized hole in my heart. Blasphemously, I might even prefer Feedly’s Android app to Google Reader’s because it opens links in-app, making it easier to navigate from blog entry to link back to blog entry. Now if someone could just make it easier to comment on blogs from a smartphone, we’d be set.

— 4 —

You know you’re a bad bridesmaid if …

  • You forget to send in the RSVP card on time and the bride has to email you to find out if you want lamb or sole at dinner. 
  • You don’t attend any showers or bachelorette parties, offering the lame excuse that they’re halfway across the country. You don’t even remember to send a card to let her know you’re thinking of her while she’s partying it up.
  • You forget to respond to the bride’s email asking for your belated RSVP and she emails you again “just to check in.”

Not that I know any of this from personal experience, or anything… all hypothetical… (Sorry Viv!!)

— 5 —

I spotted this curiosity earlier today:confusing leaf

That’s a Nissan Leaf with a “family” of guns pasted on the back, from rifles down to pistols. I find this car simultaneously hilarious and perplexing. The best I can guess is that the car owner believes in freedom from Big Oil and Big Government, but it’s not every day you find a gun-loving environmentalist.

— 6 —

Matt took a personal day from work yesterday and we knocked a bunch of stuff of our to-do list, including dental appointments for both of us (no cavities!), a twelve month checkup for le bebe, and purchasing plane tickets for a trip this summer, among other things. It felt pretty lame to spend one of Matt’s precious days off doing such boring responsible-adult things, so we squeezed in lunch out and a walk at our local nature trail. Mary loved having Matt home with us. She thinks he hung the moon.

— 7 —

Lest you think all is sunshine and roses here, I am currently listening to the dulcet tones of a baby skipping her afternoon nap and our house is nothing short of a wreck. But hey, TGIF. We are hoping to spend some time outdoors this weekend walking at a nearby state park. What about you? Any fantastic weekend plans?

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