Five Favorites vol. 2


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1. SUNSHINE! Mary has been a handful and a half the last couple days and we have taken many a walk in the pretty weather. It calms both of us down so that we can face the rest of the day. Win.

2. Matt and I are really loving House of Cards. Well, I am, anyway. It’s dark and gritty and fascinating. Recommended if you want a show that keeps you coming back for more.

3. I wore this concealer at my graduation on Saturday, and when I was wiping my makeup off at the end of the day, Matt said, “Oh, you were wearing makeup?” That’s either really good makeup or a very smart husband. Hopefully both.

4. Picked up this darling from Target yesterday during one of Mary’s moods. I have been checking it out for weeks, stopping by just to make sure it’s still there, so I finally took the plunge and asked it out bought it. Worth it.

5. My naptime read this week. I love Momastery, so of course I love its bookish sister. I borrowed my copy from the library, but I’m considering buying my own so that I can underline and exclamation point to my heart’s content. For example:

“I’d found my thing. Openness. I decided, based on firsthand experience, that it was more fun to say things that made other women feel hopeful about themselves and God than it was to say or omit things to make people feel jealous of me. And it was easier, too. Less to keep track of and monitor. So I decided to put down my guns, peel off my armor, and walk out of my bunker waving a little white flag.”

Right? RIGHT? Sigh of relief. She gets me.


Head over to Camp Patton for more favorite things!


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