A New Start

Yesterday was a big day for Mary and I. It was the first day of a new chapter of our lives: I am officially, completely, a full-time every-day stay-at-home mom. 

2013-04-29 08.45.29

I have been psyching myself up for this change for months. Yep, months. Staying home postpartum with Mary was not the happiest time in my life, and I know there were hormones and postpartum depression and brand new baby and brand new mom and YES, things are different now, thank God, but still. Still. I’m scared-nervous-excited-worried-hopeful. But I have a plan! Which always makes me feel better.

Step One: Find our Village

For the past month or so I have been scoping out Mommy-Baby playgroups online. We’re lucky to live in an area where there are lots of families and nice parks and things to do. Mommyhood was NOT meant to be done alone, I firmly believe. Mary and I were signed up for two playdates yesterday… mildly ambitious? Instead, we ended up here again:

2013-04-29 13.51.27

Ugh, the doctor’s office, We’ve been here four times this month trying to ditch an ear infection. The good news is she’s on the mend. The bad news is we’re not playdate-ready just yet.

Step Two: Find Fulfillment

Being a mom is tedious. It just is. There’s only so many times you can change a diaper or spoon feed some yogurt before you’re just, GUH! I NEED FULFILLMENT! I think the trick is going to be listening to that need, calling it fair and legitimate, and working out a solution. Maybe I’ll craft or read during Mary’s naptime. Maybe I’ll look up a new baby game or activity on Pinterest to play with Mary. Maybe I’ll take a few minutes at night to write a note to a friend. There are lots of options. The only wrong choice is to pretend that I don’t need fulfillment. Yesterday, I worked on making decorations for Mary’s birthday party this weekend. Can’t show you yet, but look for pictures next week!

Step Three: Ride the Wave

Mamahood isn’t fun all the time, but the good thing about Mary’s age is that even when she’s unhappy, her mood will change for the better before too long.

2013-04-29 19.09.06

Step Four: Listen to those who came before (i.e. Don’t reinvent the wheel)

I’ve checked out a book on stay-at-home parenting from the library. (Hi, I’m Laura, I overplan.) I’m always on the lookout for wisdom from other moms. It’s the main reason I read blogs. We’re in this together, am I right?

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  1. Just the other day, somebody asked me what parenting advice I would give a new mom.

    I laughed.

    But then I realized there was one thing that helped me make it through the kiddos’ younger years.

    I found something I loved to do and I made time to do it. Every single day. It was hard and it wasn’t always the same thing, but that is how I survived. A happy mom makes a happy family. Sounds like you already realize that!

    Good luck on your new adventure!


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