Seven Quick Takes vol. 4

— 1 —

I’m typing this at the tail end of a long week full of stressful days. Our Christmas tree is still up, as are our outdoor lights, and I’m starting to wonder if the neighbors are going to stage an intervention to persuade us to move our decor choices into the New Year. I have three loads of laundry piled next to me on the couch. Two nights’ worth of dishes sit in the sink. You know what? I don’t care. We’ll get to it all. Self-care first. In the form of posting disorganized thoughts on cyberspace.

 — 2 —

It’s North American International Auto Show season here in Detroit. I attended last year, but I think Mary and I will sit it out this year and try going when she’s a little older. The crowds are pretty intense for a baby. That doesn’t stop me from ogling all the concept cars online, though. I’m especially loving Ford’s new Atlas concept and the new Corvette.

— 3 —

Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah is playing on the TV as I write this. As frustrating as Lance is, and as sad as the whole story of his doping is, what really bothers me about this interview is Oprah’s interviewing style. We are about an hour into the interview and at this point Matt and I are pretty much just making fun of Oprah’s questions. Favorite quote from Oprah so far: “Third law of motion- what you put out is going to come back.” Although maybe that’s only hilarious to nerds like us? Hm.

— 4 —

I’ve subscribed to some awesome blogs this week, in case anyone is looking for more good stuff in their Google Reader inbox:

— 5 —

Mothering has been a hard, hard job since Mary started her new daycare. Sleeping is really tough for her when there’s stimulation about. That means evenings with her = overtired, crashing baby. Occasionally, though, after all the fussing and nursing, adorable things happen:

She’s sleeping on both of our shoulders, snuggled into the crevice between our bodies 🙂

— 6 —

Can we just take a moment to agree that Instagram is the best social media platform ever? I love it so much. No rampant ads like Twitter. No farms or vampires or whathaveyou like Facebook. Just straight-up beautiful slice-of-life moments served with a side of witty captions. Genius. You can follow me @spotofrain. I hope you do- I’d love to follow you too!

— 7 —

Matt and I are working our way through Elementary, the new Sherlock Holmes TV series on CBS. We’re really enjoying it! It’s gripping without being too dark, fast-paced while still devoting time to character development, and faithful to the Doyle’s legacy while still inventive (Watson is female, for example). I recommend it. I’m also watching Downton Abbey on my Wednesdays off with Mary- a guilty pleasure, for sure. What about you? What are your TV favorites right now?

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a sweet family picture! So beautiful 🙂

    Stopping in via Conversion Diary! I blog over at


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