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When you have a new baby, everyone asks you how you’re doing. All the time. Explaining how life is after having your first child is like trying to explain what smelling is like to someone who can’t smell. Our lives have been completely and totally changed. How are we? Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Slowly getting the hang of things. Sometimes miserable because we have no idea what’s making her cry. Sometimes thrilled because she’s done something new and we’re so proud of her. Mostly just tired, and looking forward to the time everyone promises is coming- the time when things are “better.” Staying home with an infant all day, every day is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’ve had help, thank heavens, in the form of grandparents visiting as often as they can, but for the most part it’s just me and the baby, trying to figure each other out and not go crazy in the meantime. It’s super lonely and frustrating and I’m pushing through because she deserves this from me- but “better” could hustle up a little, thank you. I’m just saying. Til then, I am holding on to the truth that serving her is my vocation and my purpose for right now. How are we? We’re just fine.

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  1. Aw Laura- this made me cry happy thoughts tonight. You had a BABY?!?! She is precious. That is just such a sweet, joyous discovery. so happy for you!


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