brighter day

Santorini, Easter 2009

After I posted my little rant yesterday, the following wonderful things happened:

  1. Matt called all the pediatricians, talked some sense into the receptionists and got us the information we needed. He’s a rock star like that.
  2. My mom called to make sure I wasn’t going to implode.
  3. We went to visit our top two choices for child care again before making our final decision. We are very blessed to have access to a network of accredited home-based care providers through the university. We got to decide between two places that would both take excellent care of our little girl in the fall.
  4. We went to our childbirth/ childcare class and learned about starting breastfeeding. I left amazed at how perfectly God has designed the female body to support life. And a little more confident that we will be able to do this.
  5. A good friend called to check in. Her life is incredibly busy right now, between her only sibling getting married last weekend and impending final exams, but she still made the time to reach out to me.
  6. Matt and I knocked a few more important things off the to do list. He had had a full day at work, had gone to visit two childcare places with me and had gone to our childbirth class, but he still somehow found the energy to do boring and tedious financial things with me at midnight. Because he loves me and our little girl very much.

In short,  the blessings far outweigh the frustrations. To say that life is busy right now is a massive understatement, but I am so well taken care of and provided for. The blessings just pour down on us.

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  1. I don’t know if you are reading this, but I am praying so hard for you. I can’t imagine what you are feeling and thinking as a new mom…but I can guess, being one myself. I wish I was there to help more, and you all are in my prayers. If you need me, FB me…I’m on a lot and would love to chat! Bless you!!! I need your address too…


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