spinning my wheels

I’m not getting anywhere today. I have spent several hours trying to figure out the pediatrician situation for Mary, and no matter how many phone calls I make, I just get more and more contradictory information and no one who can say: “Here. This is how things work.” On top of that, I just got a phone call saying I owe $15  from a therapist appointment in November 2010. I know, it’s fifteen bucks, but COME ON. Can’t catch a break today. On deck for the rest of the day: complicated decisions about childcare providers and the birth plan. Guys, having a baby is hard work… and the labor part hasn’t even started yet.

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  1. Heh… the IN LABOR part hasn’t started yet, but it sounds awfully laborious to me! Hang in there, sweetie! You’ll get everything figured out.


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