Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

I have been reading other people’s 7 Quick Takes for literally years and when I started this blog I resolved to participate in such efforts in the name of Building Community. Then I started this post and realized I really have no idea what a “take” is or how one goes about writing SEVEN of them. So bear with me.

— 2 —

The Womb Occupant has fully embraced this delightful game in which she starts kicking like mad as soon as Mommy lays down to go to sleep. Usually her kicks are mostly cute little nudges from inside my belly, but these kicks are like WHOA LET ME OUT and therefore they HURT. Besides annoying Mommy (and Daddy, because of course Mommy cannot suffer in silence), these kicks worry me just a little. What’s going through that little developing mind? Does she have less space when I lay down? Is it the shift in gravity’s pull? The brand-new mommy in me wants to know if she’s ok- is she having little seizures or something?! Usually at this point in my thought process I start rubbing my belly and sending her soothing thoughts. She calms down eventually, I lay awake worrying a while longer, and then I fall asleep and dream Terrible Dreams in which Every Awful Thing Ever happens to my kid. WOO, parenthood! All the experienced moms in the audience are like, Welcome to the rest of your life, sucka! Le sigh.

— 3 —

On a more joyous note, I am now officially on Spring Break!!! And there was great rejoicing. Of course, my “break” will consist of building up a buffer of extra hours at my internship in case Tidbit comes early, along with a substantial dose of school work, but it’s a whole week without class and I’m grateful.

— 4 —

I’m also grateful that I have the opportunity to attend one of the best social work programs in the country. I just lose sight of that sometimes amid the go-go-go of grad school. (See what I did there? I just stretched one Take into two. Aw yeah!)

— 5 —

The last two weeks have been full to overflowing with paper and group project deadlines. It will make me feel more exhausted if I write it all out, so you’ll have to take my word for it- it was a lot. And the semester doesn’t really slow down from here until it ends in April. That’s disheartening. To counter my WOE IS ME-ness, I am making myself take tonight and tomorrow off. Completely. No school work, no planning for school work, no answering emails about school work. It all needs to get done, but it can all wait for just a little bit. The jury is still out on how Matt and I will spend this extravagant expanse of free time, but I’ll be sure to let you know if we do anything Fantastic or Exciting. My guess is a healthy portion of the day will be spent sleeping in, which is both Fantastic AND Exciting to me ๐Ÿ™‚

— 6 —

In a recent feat of computer networking wizardry, Matt re-did our home network so that our router actually recognizes my computer on a regular basis and we can both print wirelessly from our laptops. In the process, he had to name the router and printer, so he called them Bob and Larry. A week later, I am still smiling whenever I think about it. Ladies: look for a man who loves Veggie Tales. It’s important in a marriage. (Just kidding.) (Kind of.)

— 7 —

I’m running on fumes here (I can hear Matt’s voice in my head now- “You posted about our computer network? You’re such a goof!”) so I will end with a link to my favorite this-must-be-from-the-Onion-oh-wait-it’s-real! news story of the week: Dear CERN: Always Check the Cable Before Doubting Einstein. Please join me in chuckling at the silly physicists, and then by all means, sally forth and enjoy your weekend! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. I loved your “takes!” I’ve gone with the “themed” quick takes so it is kind of like I’m stretching one thought into 7 “takes.” Clearly I need some help with the concept, as well! Congrats on your sweet baby! She’ll be here before you know it!

    • Thanks, Leanne! I think the beauty of 7 Quick Takes is that there really are no rules, which is about all the structure I can handle on Fridays ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. These are great! I always mean to do this meme – but never do. Perhaps you have inspired me to jump in!

  1. The seventh anniversary of 7 Quick Takes | Imperfect, but loved.

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