Making me think today

There is always more we could have, more that we see and want. We want what we don’t have. We want that new thing. We believe by getting this or that “thing” we will earn the top spot. And then then we will be content, right? Nope.

Contentment comes when we find our proper place. God gives us what we need. In this we have to trust. The writer of James assures us “[God] bestows a greater grace.”

via Finding our Proper Place // News // Pray // University of Notre Dame.

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  1. Kristi

     /  February 21, 2012

    This reminds me of a prayer I have been praying by St. John of the Cross: “Prayer of a Soul Taken with Love,” from his Sayings of Light and Love, numbers 26-27…

    • Thank you for sharing, Kristi! It’s a beautiful prayer. “What do you ask, then, and seek, my soul? Yours is all of this, and all is for you.” Where it really counts, we have everything.


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